Other Technical Services

  • Full range of metals analyses
  • Quantitative Chemical analyses of Inorganic Parameters by ICP-MS, LC, and IC
  • Mercury Analysis by Cold vapor AA, Atomic Fluorescence and Thermal Decomposition
  • Anton Paar – Microwave sample preparation system
  • TCLP Method 1311
  • Air monitoring analyses by EPA methodologies
  • Quantitative Water and Soil analyses by instrumental and wet chemistry methodologies
  • Semi-Quantitative metals analyses by ICP-MS Scan
  • Dietary supplement /raw material metals analyses
  • NPDES effluent characteristic analyses
  • NC/EPA certified for all metal parameters in drinking water
  • NC/EPA certified for all metal parameters in waste water
  • Passed numerous EPA Air Test Method 29 Compliance Audits
  • Specialized consulting services
  • Industrial method development

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